What methods of payments do escorts accept?

Payment Methods Escorts accept

What methods of payment do escorts accept? Paying an escort has definitely changed over the years. It used to be a cash-only business, with payments mostly made at the start of a booking. But now, thanks to technology, there are a variety of ways to pay an escort or escort agency.

Although cash is still the more favoured method of payment, many independent escorts and escort agencies are happy to take payment via bank transfer, debit card payments, or pay by link.

Some punters may be wary of making payment via bank transfer in fear that the independent escort may not show, or could be a scam. It is always wise to check the verified symbol on an escorts profile, and even check previous reviews left by other clients. By doing so you know you will be paying a genuine and trusted escort.

Paying an agency via other means such as debit card payment is much more safe and secure. If you are booking an escort via an agency they may wish to take a deposit or full payment to secure the booking. Respected agencies take these types of transactions every day, so there is nothing to worry about. Make sure to always book with a long-standing and well-known agency.

You may be concerned that booking with your card may display the agency’s name or have the word escorts detailed on your bank statements. Most agencies are very discreet and often have a generic and different billing name instead of using their business name. Privacy and discretion are of utmost importance to the majority of escort agencies.