Can you cancel an escort booking?

Cancelling a booking

Cancellation of bookings is a frustrating thing that escorts have to deal with, yet sometimes there is no way around it. If you have to cancel, you have to cancel. Things unfortunately happen in life that we do not foresee. Although cancellations are annoying, they are better than a no show. If you wish to see the escort you are cancelling with for a future booking, always remember to cancel. Its good manners and will help the future relationship whether it be a long or short one.

When cancelling your booking with an escort, try do it as soon as possible. If you cancel a week before your booking, it allows the escort to use their time for a booking with someone else, or maybe just some rest and relaxation in between bookings. If you cancel an hour before your booking you are likely to annoy the escort you have booked with, and chances are they will not take a booking from you again.

Many escorts agencies and some independent escorts take deposits when arranging a booking. If you cannot make your booking for whatever reason, do not ask for the deposit back. This fee is there for exactly this reason, cancellations and no shows. If you are happy to cancel and lose the deposit, you will likely gain the escort or agencies trust when booking services again in the future.

Some escorts, but not all, will be happy to reschedule, even when a deposit has been made. When contacting your escort about cancellation, see if it is possible to arrange for another time. If not, gracefully accept and book another day. The cancellation is on you, so you must accept the situation.